What Legal Documents Seniors Need

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Death is seldom a pleasant topic to discuss, as nobody is really comfortable talking about their death. However, failing to plan ahead can burden your loved ones with financial and legal problems, as settling such issues can be costly and stressful for your estate. There are a number of legal documents that need to be set up in which many elders or seniors are not aware what these documents are for or even understand the legalese terms that are used, nevertheless seniors should still find help with arranging these necessary documents so as to avoid legal and financial issues in the future.

One of the most important legal documents that seniors should prepare is their will. This document contains the instruction and wishes on how you would want your estate, assets, and properties that will be given after your death. The beneficiaries will be listed on your will along with the items that you leave them with. On the other hand, a living will provides instructions on the manner with which you wish your health care during your end-of-life will be, and will only take effect if you become terminally ill. A living trust is a legal arrangement where you appoint a trustee (either you in the form of a living trust or a different person) that permit that person to have full control of your funds and properties.

Other important legal documents for seniors are the durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Finances, which would give your lawyer the authority to execute legal ad financial decisions in your stead should you be unable or incapacitated to make you own decisions.

Planning for your death is never an easy issue, but it should not discourage you from making sure that the people you leave behind are well taken care of and free from legal and financial troubles that will follow. If you wish to be independent until the end of your life, you might want to consider living in senior assisted living, but you can only have peace of mind in your sunset years if you have prepared yourself legally and financially.

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