Lead Paint Poisoning

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We now know that lead is a potent and poisonous metal that can cause serious medical problems. However, before this was discovered, lead was commonly used in products from paint to children’s toys. Even after the ban, products with lead remain, posing devastating health risks to those exposed to the metal. Lead is particularly dangerous if digested, making children even more susceptible to the dangers of lead, according to the website of Crowe Mulvey.

With the immense dangers lead poisoning poses, it is important to know the products that may contain this metal. One of the most common products known to contain lead before 1978 was paint. This means that homes built before this year may still contain this paint. Lead paint may also have been used to paint children’s toys and other products. This is dangerous as children have a tendency to chew on objects. Lead was not only used in paint, however. The metal was used in pipes and plumbing before it was shown to be dangerous. This poses the same risk of lead being in older homes, but also opens the possibility of lead contaminating drinking water if it was used in sink faucets. There is a number of other products that can potentially contain lead and cause poisoning. Lead poisoning can cause health risks in adults and developmental problems in children.

Poisoning of any kind is a terrifying thought. It can become even more scary when things you come into contact with on many occasions can cause it. Even though the use of lead to make a number of products has been stopped, it is still possible to come into contact with the metal. If you start to experience signs of lead poisoning or suspect your children may have been exposed to it, it is vital to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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