Yachts Are Changing How People Celebrate

Oct 19, 2018 by

We’ve all been at those terribly boring parties where everything is predictable. The music is the same, the food is the same, the location is the same, and the whole event goes exactly like you knew it would from the moment you accepted the invitation.

This can be true for work events between colleagues, business events when trying to get new clients, weddings, anniversaries, and just friendly gatherings. It’s all boring enough to almost make you want to stay home.

Yet, parties don’t have to be that way, and increasingly, people are finding innovative ways to really shake things up.

Take, for instance, the yacht party. Places like Anita Dee in Chicago can now host all manner of get-togethers that are nothing like the parties you’re used to. Now, you’re not in a hotel or specially designated space – you’re cruising around Lake Michigan and down the river through Chicago.

That right there starts things off on a whole different level. It’s hard to get bored when the scenery is constantly changing, with new sights flowing past regularly.

Beyond that, there’s a whole new level of service on a yacht. For an afternoon or an evening, you get top-notch luxury. You can also introduce new entertainment to entertain your guests.

Beyond that, there’s a lot of advantages to being mobile. You can dock anywhere in Chicago and take your party wherever you need it to go. Start near Navy Pier and then end over in Anderson, Indiana at the casinos if you want. Or start and finish in Chicago, but dock near your favorite bar for a nightcap on a great evening.

This kind of flexibility opens up the whole party to a completely different experience every time you go out. You go where you want, bring the kind of food, drink, and entertainment you want, and you make the travel the whole point of getting together.

This kind of out-of-the-box thinking can really liven up even the dullest of corporate gatherings. You have much more to talk about, much more to see, and much more to look forward to. For weddings, it’s even better. You can have the ceremony on the yacht and start the honeymoon as soon as you get off.

The options really just make this a far more interesting way to plan a party.

Hopefully, this is the start of a trend that moves parties away from the safe and predictable to the flexible, adventurous, and diverse.

That way, the next time you come back from a big party, you won’t have the same old dull stories to tell. You’ll have the scenery, the adventure, and the luxury to brag about. And guaranteed, you’ll want to get back out there again soon.

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