Understanding the Need for a Drug Crime Defense Attorney

Sep 18, 2014 by

Anyone charged with drug possession is facing serious consequences, but this is especially true for the young and st—vulnerable. There was episode in one of the longest running crime shows on TV where the accused was a young woman whose car companion was arrested for smoking marijuana and she herself had an ounce of the substance on her person but no priors. She was arrested as well and because she had incompetent counsel was convicted and given the maximum sentence. To make a long story short, she lost custody of her child and she was nearly convicted of conspiracy to murder the prison guard who was raping her.

The setting of the story was in New York City, but the consequences would had been equally bad if not worse in Texas where there is a commitment to prosecute even the most minor drug charges. Typically, if you are found with small amounts i.e. less than a gram of drugs on your person or your property in a legal search, you have no prior conviction for the same crime, or you have a viable defense for drug possession, you may get away with a small fine and probation or even have the case dismissed if you have competent legal representation.

It all depends on the circumstances, and in most cases the situation can be made worse when the defendant does not have a proactive attitude. Most first-time offenders have no idea of what their rights are when they are arrested for drug crimes and make many mistakes because they are scared of getting into trouble. As explained by Ian Inglis on his website, the consequences can certainly have a significant impact on the defendant’s life so they should be scared. But if they let a competent lawyer that will defend their rights and represent them handle the case, the defendants can be assured that everything that can be legally done is being done.

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