Saving Yourself from the Harsh Consequences of a DUI Conviction

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All 50 US states have a 0.08% blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level limit for car drivers. This is one stipulation, besides the strict implementation of the anti-texting law while driving, that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) has been strictly enforcing lately, like through sobriety check points, in the hope of significantly lowering the number of fatal car accidents due to drunk-driving every year, which totals to more than 10,000. A fairly small number considering the fact that the annual figure of arrested intoxicated drivers is over a million.

Individuals accused of drinking and driving will suffer a DUI conviction if proven guilty, a crime that is given heavy fines, time behind bars, community service, mandatory attendance in alcohol and drug education classes (also known as DUI School) and/or suspension of driver’s license.

The only sad truth is that, of the million arrests, so many are first time offenders and whose real crime may only be the mistake of enjoying time with family or buddies, especially during holidays or weekends, and then deciding to drive home themselves.

DUI defense lawyers fully know and understand the harsh consequences of being charged with a crime. The effects of a criminal charge can alter an individual’s personal and professional life, even if the crime is only trying to drive home, as safely as possible, while drunk. Quite a cruel reality for first time offenders and social drinkers, indeed, but such is the law.

If convicted with a DUI offence (or any other conviction), the various inconvenient and unfavorable consequences can include:

  • Difficulty in renting an apartment or finding job (some even lose their current job)
  • Difficulty in renting a vehicle
  • Restrictions on international travel
  • Difficulty in maintaining professional driver’s license, more so in renewing driver’s license
  • Negative effects on child custody case
  • Higher car insurance premiums (for about three years)

A good, experienced DUI lawyer can definitely help in lowering the degree of punishment or, sometimes, even save those charged with DUI from being convicted. A DUI crime is one serious offense that requires only great lawyers, who are capable of formulating strong and convincing defense.

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